Experience with HIPAA regulated business machines

& Non-Disclosure Contracts. 

A good bit of the time I am the IT pro who comes in to untangle the mess created by your “highly regarded” IT guy,

who happens to hold zero certifications.

When your business is your lifeblood you can be sure that “he/she ‘s smart with computers” just does not cut it.

I have, just about, seen it all – so there is no reason to be ashamed to get in touch and arrange for me to work on-site on an hourly basis (typically $100.00/hr), I offer discounts on remote-access work (currently ~60.00/hr). 



My years of licensing various major software for clientele has allowed for me to get your must-have software for a very competitive cost – often I can guarantee lowest price.


IT Consulting 

If you have an idea about the future of your business and network infrastructure is a concern, Call on the expertise of a guy who is credentialed at your local datacenter and knows his way around

the server room.

Your office server room or your cabinet, containing your private cloud tenant components, sitting on the main floor of the local datacenter- it’s no problem.

I do not require long contracts, although as 2023 gets started I will begin phasing out “break/fix” clientele by prioritizing clients who take advantage of the huge advantages of having me as their managed IT services provider. With managed service I keep all the main components, including recurring software titles renewed, up to date, and guarantee your systems performance- which is only possible to  such a degree when you have my around-the-clock monitoring of various systems metrics. Contact me today about having your own managed IT services technician. 

streaming-orbitalhd (1)


Streaming Media

I can have you broadcasting live for a fraction of the cost of the “major names” in video solutions. I also offer some monthly and at most semi-annual upfront cost terms for the solutions I provide. A look at the details of the big name companies will reveal annual upfront pricing – which is very costly for a service you are not sure will be what your looking for.



Image with a few certifications orbitalunderground has achieved.

Orbitalunderground HD Productions” is a Franklin, TN based “IT Consulting & PC/Network Support Services Vendor

with its roots as a “Web Design Studio” dating back to late 2002 operated by T. H. Alexander IV.

Certified IT Technician:


among other qualifications, such as accredited Google Developer as well as a “Trusted Street View Photographer.”

HIPAA Business Agreements executed as needed. Almost all work is performed in accordance with non-disclosure agreements as well.

Web design is what orbitalunderground was founded upon, however, it is certainly no longer our ‘core’ offering.

Today “Orbitalunderground [HD] Productions” consists of several servers(Dedicated/Co-Located/VDS) delivering content for client projects- 

Including streaming video servers, high availability private back-end web applications, and various other streaming media projects.

We have been contracted, and in good terms, with many of the up-link providers that we utilize for OVER A DECADE.

In terms of Pricing and Performance, come see what difference such longstanding partnerships make!